I have a couple people who consistently reblog my art… But they dont follow me… Yall like the same things and you like my drawings but… You dont even follow me… How do they even find my drawings… We could be soulmates and they would never knowi


A colorful cub moved in the other day…

Im feeling really sick and im considering asking my dad if i can stay home tomorrow but today was already a holiday and im going to be leaving friday early to go to a con and also its only the 3rd week of school…. Mmm

ive spent all my free time today really scouring art school websites for one final time…. and i decided im going to apply to sva, risd, massart, ringling, and pnca……. and with that order of priority to me…. yea


new mc so pretty they crashed my browser


persona 5 leaked screenshot

the same people who ask me “shannon why are you wearing a jacket its so hot!” would only lecture me about my health and lifestyle if they saw me wearing only the tank top i have underneath the jacket ………please fuck off„„„„„„„„„„,


Watercolor paintings on paper by California-based artist and illustrator Jon Lau

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