im gonna sleep hopefully for 24 hours goodnight all have lovely days/evenings./yea

a draw

Yo friend I just wanna say that your problem is in no way petty and it's really shitty of your mom to comment on your weight all of the time and to make you feel bad about your body you look awesome and seem like a wicked cool dude and you deserve none of that bullshit

thank you so much anon ilu you are very nice

its not even all the time since i dont live with my mom but. the fact that the rare times i get to be with her its all she talks about is LOL

thank u im very happy you sent this message i love nice message so mch you’re a good egg 



Imagine your icon realizing they are in love with you with the same expression they have in your icon.

me head hurt and im a piece of shit

my problem is petty and bullshit in itself im sorry guys

january? whatevr

i havent been so upset since the break up in february lol